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Opened 04.07.2014
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Welcome to The Paper Garden! My name is Carmen Bjornald. My friends call me CeeBee. I am born in Germany by a German mother and a Liberian father. To create with my hands has ben a passion since childhood and I was lucky enough to grow up in a very creative family. Still as a child, we moved to Sweden where I went to school and studied design and textile research. Once I finished my school, I was ready to see the world and started to travel. I soon fell in love with Italy witch became my new home. I live between Milano and my lovely cottage by the lake with my two lovely sons. For many years I have been working in fashion, first as a model and later with my own company, creating fashion accessories with recycled materials, using mostly printed paper. Since two years I started to make paper flowers and paper wedding bouquets and decorations. To know more about me, visit my homepage at

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